Soy What Candles

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8oz burns for 40-45 hours

10oz burns for 55-60

 soy is a natural, renewable, non-toxic and biodegradable wax. the soy plant produces a waxy substance that not only burns cooler, but can burn up to 50 percent longer than paraffin wax.  
benefits from soy candles include:
-burn without toxins, carcinogens or soot*
-cruelty free, contains no animal fats or by products
-natural, renewable and biodegradable
-easy clean up
--better for you and the environment
-supports american farmers
-this is a kosher product
-we use wicks that are lead and zinc free
-all fragrances are phthalate free

*anytime you have a flame, you will have soot. no candle is completely soot free but soy candles create much less soot and more importantly, none of the toxins found in soot is most commonly caused by smoking wicks, which could be because of a drafty spot or a wick that needs to be trimmed.
keep your wicks trimmed!
when you light a soy candle for the first time, let it burn until the wax has pooled completely to the edge, no more than 4 hours for the first time.  this will result in a longer burning soy candle.
our candles have no additives, they are 100 percent soy.