Chelsey Larson- My Savage Truth

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My Savage Truth: the art and science of how I found out I wasn’t broken, f*cked up, or needed to be fixed

Author: Chelsey Larson

This book is a collection of both stories and science behind why we do what we do. There will be times when I tell my savage truth, and other times I quote a savage truth told by someone else. I first heard the term savage truth while listening to authors Cheryl Strayed and Laura McKowen talk about their writing. The savage truth is the truth of what most people are too afraid to talk about yet most of us know deep down to be true. Most of the time, when people write to Cheryl and tell her what an immense impact she had on them, she had simply just stated the savage truth that they knew deep down, but either couldn’t admit or couldn’t find the words for. I wrote this book to tell my savage truth, to be fully seen, and for others to feel seen if they relate to something I write but thought they were the only one.

"I thought I was alone who suffered.
I went on top of the house,
And found every house on fire."
- Baba Farid

This is my story.