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All natural soy wax candles hand-poured in St Paul, MN.
11 oz. reusable tumbler jar

AMORE: my love, i burn for you.
[Notes: An intricate fusion of sun-ripened fig, jasmine and cherry blossom, leading into lush, green notes of citrus, moss & patchouli]

HJEMME: Danish [adverb] 1. at home
[Notes: Fresh, peppery ginger + cassis lead into warm, earthy notes of amber, red clay + palo santo]

NORDIC PINE: an ode to Scandinavian winter nights.
[Notes: a vivid blend of cedarwood, pine and eucalyptus essential oils.]

NORTH WOODS: get in touch with nature.
[Notes: Clean woody elements of cedar and pine, earth and musk]

JUNIPER: a cold gin + tonic on a hot summer day.
[Notes: Fresh juniper & a hint of red currant blending into aged cedar,
oak & cypress]

ENLIGHTEN: a calming herbal blend to cleanse dirty auras, achieve nirvanas.
[Notes: White sage, chamomile, cedar wood and a hint of lavender]

ORCHARD: Reminiscent of apple picking on a crisp, autumn day
[Notes: a warm blend of apple, spice, cedar & pecan]

FIRESIDE : the warm glow of embers and crackling fire.
[Notes: Smoke and wood blended with clove, amber, sandalwood and patchouli]

BAZAAR : A vibrant delight to your senses.
[Notes: A rich, spicy blend of patchouli, clove, amber & oud]

DRIFTLESS : scenic bluff views, deep river valleys.
[Notes: An earthy combination of patchouli, moss & vetiver]

CHATEAU: serenity in a glass, aged to perfection.
[Notes: A fruity & inviting infusion of black cherry, plum, freesia & light musk]