Dramer Pour

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The Dramer Pour conveniently measures and pours up to 1oz of spirits directly from any bottle. Get rid of the messy shot glasses and upgrade to the Dramer Pour!

1) Hand-Blown Glass - The Dramer Pour is made from hand-blown borosilicate glass to ensure durability & volume consistency.
2) Corks - The tapered bottle cork is suitable for various spirit bottleneck sizes. The second cork allows you to cap the bottle, leaving the Dramer Pour in place.
3) Quantity - The spherical portion of the Dramer Pour is exactly 1oz. This is commonly referred to as a fluid dram in the spirit industry.

1) The Dramer Pour will arrive preassembled with the two corks. To put it on a bottle, push down slightly right above the stem and twist slightly until it has an air-tight seal. Be careful not to over-tighten as this will fracture the glass. Put the cork on the end of the Dramer Pour to cap the bottle.
2) The spherical portion of the Dramer Pour is exactly 1oz. Simply turn the bottle to the side and fill it up.
3) Twist to turn it into a pour, directly into your glass.
4) When done, simply put on the second cork back onto the Dramer Pour.

We are two engineers in Minnesota, USA who drank a little too much bourbon and whiskey during the pandemic. We used our design and marketing experience to bring our product idea to life. Now we want to share it with you! It is an excellent addition to your barware and makes the process more conversational, clean, and exciting. It is a bottle pourer, spout for bottles, liquor dispenser, bottle top, liquor bottle pourer, and shot glass pourer.