Peter Ross - Uh Oh! We've Got Birds!

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Wonderfully engaging illustrations accompany the playful story of Young Oliver as he arrives home to discover that his house is infested, not with mice or bugs, but with birds. A wide variety of real-life birds; hummingbirds, roadrunners, puffins, and so many others, meet him at every turn all causing delightful chaos! Feeling overwhelmed, Oliver contacts Magic Mabel's Critter Moving Company for help. While waiting for Mabel, he tours his house encountering lovable birds eating his food, hiding in the artwork, swimming in the bathtub, singing around the record player, and more! Magic Mabel arrives, disregards her poles, nets, and ladders, choosing instead a plain, empty, cardboard box to round up all the birds. The box is magic, she says with a gleam in her eye. They catch all the birds and release them outdoors where they belong. Now the birds are playing in the grass and hovering around flowers. They are swimming on the lake and flying in the breeze. Everything is great. Or is it?