Hazy Dell Press - Hobgoblin and the Seven Stinkers of Rancidia

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Some heroes aren’t really that brave, nor all that smart. Some heroes are hobgoblins who smell like a fart. Set in the faraway, terrible-smelling land of Rancidia, where it’s good to smell bad and bad to smell good, this uproarious send-up of the Snow White fairy tale follows the adventures the profoundly stinky Hobgoblin as he flees the jealous wrath of a democracy-hating ogre named Fiddlefart.
Finding himself thrust into the middle of a full-blown, rotten-smelling rebellion, Hobgoblin must decide if he has what it takes to risk everything in the name of stinking freedom.
The debut chapter book from author Kyle Sullivan and illustrator Derek Sullivan features a cast of more than 20 characters across 180 pages and 55 gorgeous black-and-white illustrations. Hobgoblin and the Seven Stinkers of Rancidia is an unexpected, sidesplitting and pungent retelling of a classic Grimm fairy tale you don’t want to miss.

Reading level: 8 to 12

This book is aligned with Common Core Standards.