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The Hazy Dell Love & Nurture series celebrates the strongest love of all: the love shared between a parent or guardian and their child. Featuring Loch Ness Monsters, Sasquatches, Grey aliens, robots, and pirates, along with gentle humor for both adults and children, Hazy Dell Love & Nurture books honor the love between parent/guardian and child while maximizing the fun and steering clear of the corny. 

These oversized board books are 9x9 inches and made with sturdy paper board, making them perfect for story time

Lexile-measured reading level: Ages 1 to 5.

These books are aligned with Common Core Standards.


I'm Programmed to Love You
A mother robot lovingly explains all the ways her built-in features help her love her adorable robot child. From hologram projector eyes to extending arms filled with books, this mom robot has a built-in feature or contraption for every parenting need. This delightful homage to innate parental love shows that a mother’s love for their child has many applications, and it’s always automatic.

I Love You More than Plunder
All the sunken treasure in the ocean is worth nothing compared to a father’s love for his daughter. Featuring a kraken, merpeople, King Neptune and a shark who loves to wrestle, this swashbuckling board book celebrates the fathoms-deep bond between a parent or guardian and their child.

You're out of this World
Follow an adult Grey alien as they praise their child as a galactically special and stellar little being in You’re Out of This World, a rollicking board book featuring a constellation of fun outer space puns and references to UFO and alien folklore. You’ll soar through 20 pages of beautiful, exciting UFO landmarks and cosmic set pieces in this rhyming homage to extraterrestrial mythology, including references to AREA 51, crop circles, Devil’s Tower, Reptilians, Mothman, alien abductions, and government cover-ups.

You're My Little Legend
Even if you're Bigfoot, the strength of a parent's love is as legendary as it gets. Join an adult Sasquatch as they praise their child as an extraordinary, mythical, and nearly unbelievable creature. Set in the magical woods of the Pacific Northwest, You’re My Little Legend helps your child feel as incredible and beloved as one of the world’s most celebrated cryptids.

I Believe in You
Set in a magical imagining of the Scotland’s Loch Ness, I Believe in You is an ode to a loving adult’s unconditional acceptance of their young one. Featuring appearances from unbelievably fun paranormal characters including a unicorn, grey alien, Sasquatch and ghost, I Believe in You is a fun and heartwarming celebration of the unwavering bond—and belief—shared between a parent or guardian and their child.