Brave New Mom -Jessie Everts, PhD, LMFT

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Moms are amazing!

Becoming a mom is a radical, powerful change. It's also really hard. New moms go through a lot, taking on a task that is lifelong, challenging, and battered by judgments and ideals of perfection. They are are often unacknowledged, untaught, and expected to be selfless. We might be prepared for the facts of what happens when we have a baby, but very few of us receive enough preparation for the emotional upheaval that comes along with it.

Brave New Mom brings a mindfulness-based approach to new parenthood that encourages self-exploration, self-compassion, self-care, and connection. It incorporates findings from research on postpartum mental health, practices for feeling your best after having a baby, and a warm and compassionate voice for and with new mothers everywhere.

This book gives new moms permission to see, feel, and celebrate their bravery and their amazing abilities; to take time to care for themselves; and to gather the support they need.

Brave New Mom is for all moms. It includes practical tools for dealing with the difficult emotions, thoughts, issues, and situations that arise in new motherhood, so new moms feel more prepared, supported, and empowered to embrace their own strengths and abilities.