Both and All - Sarah Auna

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This book is a vessel, a sacred container to hold all the shock, grief, pain and anger that accompanies a helpless situation. It also acts as a field guide to helping yourself to the otherside.

“Both and All” now holds the hurt, so I don’t have to. It lives outside of me and can be used to help others find reverence, transformation and representation- particularly for Queer identifying people- who have a made a home and family with someone else.  

PLUS it’s sexy, funny and juicy and ends in VALOR! 

A demonstration of the complexities of motherhood and loverhood and all of the hardships, sensuality, monotony and joy that comes with it, this book is perfect for women, parents, queer individuals and couples, anyone who has been through a transformational heartbreak, divorce or loss and anyone else who has or hopes to pull through to the other side.

“Both and All” is full written, edited, printed and designed by women, queer individuals and local companies.