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Stacey Matern's handmade nail polishes!

Unless otherwise noted, they are all:

5-Free means that a nail polish is free of the 5 major toxic chemicals: TolueneDibutyl Phthalate (DBP)Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Camphor

What's with the chemistry theme?

Stacey has a biochemistry background and has been in love with science since she was a kid.  All of the formulas have a different element name from the periodic table. Nerdy, right? Well, it goes further than that. 

If you remember high school chemistry, you must remember the molecular sets that you would build molecules with.  Each element was a certain colored ball.  For example, red was oxygen, white was hydrogen.  Those colors are called CPK coloring.  There is actually an extended color coding that covers every single element in the periodic table.  And she used this color coding to determine what to name a specific polish.  She matched the nail polish colors as best as she could to an equivalent CPK coloring.