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Available in a wide range of shades, Aromi lipsticks are handcrafted, formulated from scratch and mixed in small batches with only the finest raw materials.  Naturally-derived vitamin E is added to each lipstick for its powerful moisturizing ability and antioxidant abilities.  Organic castor oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and jojoba oil act as emollients and lubricants to leave lips soft, supple, and smooth. 

Aromi lipsticks are long-lasting and deliver a smooth feel that will leave your lips moisturized and looking beautiful.

Each and every Aromi lipstick is created with only the highest-quality vegan and cruelty-free ingredients.  There are no animal ingredients used in any of our lipsticks making them 100% vegan.  There is no animal testing that is completed on either the individual raw materials or the final product.  Aromi is certified with PETA and Leaping Bunny.  

Chiffon lipstick has a peachy-pink color with warm undertones.  This shade is semi-sheer, but builds well - the more that is applied, the more vibrant and opaque the color becomes.  

As with all Aromi's cosmetics, Chiffon lipstick is handcrafted in small batches using only the finest vegan and cruelty-free raw materials.


Poppy Lipstick is warm weather captured in a lipstick tube.  This shade is a cheery, orange-red lipstick that delivers a wearable, vibrant color.  Poppy lipstick is handmade in small batches with the finest raw materials.  Recently reformulated, this formula is designed to deliver a smooth, soft texture that is packed with moisturizers and viatamins.  

Color: red orange

Bordeaux is the perfect shade for any person looking for a maroon lip.  This highly pigmented and versatile shade of maroon is one of the most popular Aromi colors and is flattering on all skin tones.  This shade can be worn anytime - from a night out on the town to the office during the day.

Color: maroon, berry

Crimson lipstick is a highly pigmented shade of vivid maroon with rich plum undertones.  Crimson is burgundy-maroon shade with blue undertones specifically formulated to help teeth look whiter! 

Jetsetter lipstick has a metallic, pearlescent finish and featured a light pink shade with blue undertones.  

Color: Metallic, Light Pink (blue undertones)