Calvit's Drinking Shrubs


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  • Calvit's Drinking Shrubs
  • Calvit's Drinking Shrubs
  • Calvit's Drinking Shrubs

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Martha Washington made shrubs; they appear in the works of Dickens. There are myriad recipes and techniques, but all involve mixing fruit with vinegar and sugar, letting things steep, then straining out the solids.

In the hands of a skilled Shrubber, the result is an intensely flavored concentrate, which is then mixed with a drinker’s fluid of choice, with delicious results.

My shrubs steer away from the usual fruit-punchy, syrupy flavor profile; that’s just not my thing. I like tart, punchy, sour, herbal, spicy flavors. Each Calvit’s Shrub features two complementary fruits or vegetables, with a little spicy/herbal hit at the end. When someone tries an undiluted sip for the first time, they typically have a little bit of a “Wow!” surprised look on their face, which quickly morphs into a “That is sooooo delicious” grin that never ceases to make me smile myself.

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