Smora- Clean All The Things Soap

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coconut oil, lye, eucalyptus and lemon essential oils, baking soda

Clean all the things! This bar of soap is an all-purpose cleanser for make-up brushes, laundry stains & more. It was formulated to have powerful cleansing properties and the addition of baking soda and essential oils of eucalyptus and lemon increase its grease and stain fighting powers. I initially created this soap as a laundry stain stick but quickly found it does an excellent job cleaning make-up brushes, carpet stains, and a sink full of dishes.

Please note, this soap is not intended for bathing as it may be too drying.

Laundry Stain Stick
To pre-treat stains on laundry, wet the stain with water as well as the Clean All the Things soap. Rub the soap bar on the stain and launder as usual. This should work on most machine-washable clothing, but do a spot test first if you have concerns about using this soap your garment. I have never had trouble though with using this soap as a stain remover on my clothing.

Clean Make-Up Brushes
Wet make-up brush and Clean All the Things soap. Rub brush on the soap bar until it lathers. Rub brush in palm of hand and fingers and then rinse under cool water. Repeat if necessary until brush is clean. Rinse brush until it no longer is sudsy, reshape, and lay flat on towel to air dry.

Dish Soap
As you fill your sink with hot water for dishes, just hold the Clean All the Things soap bar under the faucet. Let the water run on the bar until you have enough suds for your dishes.