Lenny the Loon - Mikaela Casey

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Lenny the Loon was first written as a tribute to my home, on Lake Minnetonka. I wanted to celebrate the amazing place where I grew up by showcasing some of the locals favorite spots. Lenny the Loon: An Adventure on Lake Minnetonka was my first self-published work. It took a year and a half to write the story, find a publisher, find my amazing illustrator, and finally have a finished product that I am proud of! The Lake Minnetonka community came out in full force to buy, support, and praise the story; helping to remind me of why I wrote the book in the first place.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that Lenny the Loon could be used in other, larger communities around Minnesota, to celebrate all that they have to offer! Lenny’s second adventure is titled Lenny the Loon: A tour of the Twin Cities, where once again the lakes and rivers are utilized to showcase many iconic locations. The end goal is for Lenny the Loon to travel all around the state of Minnesota. Teaching kids about about the different lakes and rivers, and giving locals a sense of pride for their home. While Lenny the Loon is written in a Children’s book format, the books are for the child in all of us. I hope it brings back memories of good times spent near the water, and inspires readers to take full advantage of this amazing place we call home.

-Mikaela Casey, Author