Kei Gratton Tarot Love Deck

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Perfect for home studio or readings on the go — Kei Tarot Love is the perfect gift! A true art-collection of 78 gallery exhibited paintings beautifully packaged to give poetic ambiance to any sacred nook! Kei has individually painted/collaged each box’s lid creating a mini-altar to mindfully drop into your practice (gemstone included!) The guidebook is also a little treasure — hand-bound with reflective affirmations for each card invoking a heart-centered incantation!

5 x 3.5” Printed on matt #120 card stock. Kei worked with a local printer to get the perfect look, shuffle and feel! Shrink wrapped.

5 x 3.75 x 2” Stunningly designed inspired from one of Kei’s paintings. Lidded kraft box. Deck rests on charcoal gray felt and cotton padding.

An original Kei painting in every box! Accompanied by a crystal gemstone — you don’t know what you get till you open the box making the actual opening of each box something really special!

3 x 4” Hand-bound, this little gem matches the box and works as a reflective affirmation for each card.
“chariot: i run to you. my heart will defeat all challenges. let’s do this. action."