Inkromancy 4: Kickass - Tattoo Tarot Deck

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nkromancy 4: Kickass is a tarot deck with 80 women, trans, and nonbinary tattoo artists! Each card is designed by a different artist.

A Celebration of Gender Minorities!
The tattoo industry has been a traditionally male-dominated space. That's not the case anymore! Inkromancy 4: Kickass is a celebration of women, nonbinary, and trans artists in the tattoo industry. Each card in this 78-card deck is illustrated by a different tattoo artist from around the world (plus 2 more amazing artists for the box art and back of the cards!).

Our goal is to shine a light on the underrepresented groups in the tattoo world. This deck is published by Weird Ink Society, a tattoo shop in St. Paul, MN, which started as an all-female shop.