Humans of Minneapolis

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The Humans of Minneapolis book is a curated collection of the best stories and photographs from the popular Humans of Minneapolis blog. In it, we hear personal accounts of joy, loss, transformation, and community. Stephanie Glaros has lovingly designed the book from front to back in order to fulfill her vision for a physical manifestation of her passion project from the last seven years.

The book also features behind-the-scenes commentary from Glaros, as well as follow-up stories about some of the most popular subjects. Humans of Minneapolis the book is the perfect gift for anyone who loves the city of Minneapolis, near and far. "With Humans of Minneapolis, Stephanie Glaros creates connections and promotes empathy by listening deeply to others. Through emotional storytelling, her work attempts to bring us together. Her love for the people of this city shines through.” R.T. RYBAK, author of Pothole Confidential: My Life as Mayor of Minneapolis