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all i did was listen

all i did was listen is a 232-page, full-color, illustrated gift-book, filled with inspiring quotes from Rachel’s psychotherapy clients, that strung together, tell a story about how healing can happen for all of us. Rachel accompanies each quote with a colorful illustration + written reflection. The book closes with a few pages of questions that can be used for personal inspiration/reflection +/or group study/book club.


the great green okayness: a field guide to seeing your uncommon magnificence

The Great Green Okayness is a 160-page field guide to discovering the beautiful wildlife within, infused with a dollap of nourishing honey and delectable color. Wise author and artist Rachel Awes, a psychologist of twenty years, created these works of the magnificent human heart from her reflections following client sessions. Each passage and corresponding artwork speak to the soul like a potent, powerful reduction of boiled-down truth and goodness that every one of us needs daily, a homecoming gift to our humanity. Open to any page and find the passage that you need now. From the African plain to the great cosmos, Awes takes her readers on a journey to discover the beauty around, within, and always.


diving in

diving in is a 96 page, full color, visual + poetic invitation, using water as metaphor, to dive into the one life that is so beautifully yours.


the relationship book

The Relationship Book is a 240-page illustrated gift and self-help book, soulfully exploring the many relationships in your life for leveled-up intimacy, a deeper sense of belonging, and awakened confidence.